Golodnyi, Mikhail Semenovich

Golodnyi, Mikhail Semenovich


(pseudonym of M.S. Epshtein). Born Dec. II (24), 1903. in Bakhmut, present-day Artemovsk; died Jan. 20. 1949, in Moscow. Soviet Russian poet. Member of the CPSU from 1939.

Golodnyi published his first poems in 1920 in the journal Iunyi proletarii (published in Ekaterinoslav). He was a member of the Molodaia Gvardia [Young Guard] literary group. Golodnyi’s collections of poems Pilings (1922), Of the Earth (1924), and New Poems (1928) reflected the Komsomol enthusiasm of the early 1920’s and the rejection of nepman morality. Golodnyi wrote his best poems in the 1930’s, including the ballad Partisan Zhelezniak and the Song of Shchors. In 1942 he published Songs and Ballads of the Patriotic War and Poems About the Ukraine.


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