Golos Moskvy

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Golos Moskvy


(Voice of Moscow), a daily political newspaper, published by the Octobrist Party in Moscow from Dec. 23, 1906 (Jan. 5, 1907) through June 30 (July 13), 1915.

A. I. Guchkov was the publisher, first editor, and later the actual manager of the paper. Its contributors included N. S. Avdakov, A. V. Bobrishchev-Pushkin, Prince N. S. Vol-konskii, Professor V. I. Ger’e, F. I. Plevako, A. A. Stolypin, and others. Major capitalists subsidized the newspaper. It supported tsarist policies but also demanded moderate bourgeois reforms. It baited revolutionaries, especially the Bolsheviks, and attacked the liberation movement of the oppressed peoples of Russia. It also supported an expansionist foreign policy and the arms race, and it approved of Russia’s participation in World War I.


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Similarly, he cites the Russian newspaper Golos moskvy (incorrectly transliterated "Kolos Moskoy") as one of the sources for a "secret Turko-German plan for the massive deportation of the Armenians of eastern Turkey" along with a Western historian's ruminations on how important cultural homogeneity was to the Turks, as proof of the Armenian massacres of 1915.