Golovach, Platon Romanovich

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Golovach, Platon Romanovich


Born Apr. 18 (May I), 1903; died Oct. 29. 1937. Soviet Byelorussian writer. Member of the CPSU from 1924.

Golovach was born in the village of Pobokovichi, present-day Bobruisk Raion. He was one of the leaders of the literary society Molodniak (1923–28). He is the author of the novella Commotion in the Enclosures (1930), devoted to the socialist reconstruction of the countryside, and of the novel Through the Years (1934), in which the peasantry’s and intelligentsia’s road to a new life is shown against a broad historical background. Golovach also wrote the collections of stories Trifles of Life (1927) and Wanting to Live (1930), and his novellas include Guilty (1930) and They Shall Not Pass (1937).


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