Goltsev, Viktor

Gol’tsev, Viktor Aleksandrovich


Born Aug. 11 (23). 1850, in Kolomna; died Nov. 18 (Dec. 1), 1906, in Moscow. Russian publicist, journalist, and literary critic. A nobleman.

Gol’tsev graduated from the department of law of Moscow University in 1872. As a student he had been associated with the Narodniks (Populists). He was an active participant in the zemstvo (district assembly) movement from its inception. He worked actively on such liberal publications as Golos, Russkie vedomosti, and Vestnik Evropy. For many years he wrote a monthly political review in Russkaia mysl’; in 1885 he became a member of its editorial board. Gol’tsev joined the Constitutional Democrats (Cadets) in October 1905.