Golubash, Iurii

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Golubash, Iurii Fedorovich


Born Dec. 23 (Jan. 4). 1897, in Moscow. Active figure in sovkhoz production; Hero of Socialist Labor (1949) and Honored Zootechnician of the RSFSR (1950). Member of the CPSU since 1944.

Golubash graduated from three years at the K. A. Timiriazev Moscow Agricultural Academy in 1924. He was technical director of the Krasnyi Maiak Sovkhoz in 1932–33 (Tsaritsyno-Dachnoe, Moscow Oblast). He was director of the Lesnye Poliany Sovkhoz (now Gosplemzavod; Moscow Oblast) from 1941 to 1954 and assistant minister of sovkhozes of the RSFSR from 1954 to 1957. In 1948, milk yield at Lesnye Poliany reached 5,407 kg per forage cow. The sovkhoz participated in the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition in 1940, 1954, and 1955, and it was awarded the exhibition’s first-class diploma. Golubash is author of The Lesnye Poliany Sovkhoz (3rd ed., 1954). He has been awarded three Orders of Lenin, two other orders, and medals, as well as the large and small gold medals of the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition. He has been retired on pension since 1957.

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