Golubkova, Maremiana Romanova

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Golubkova, Marem’iana Romanova


Born Feb. 17 (Mar. 1), 1893, in the village of Golubkovo, Arkhangel’sk Province; died Sept. 8, 1959, in Moscow. Soviet Russian reciter of folk tales. Member of the CPSU from 1943. Born into the family of a laborer.

Golubkova has recited more than 400 songs and many laments, proverbs, and riddles for transcription. She used her talent for improvisation in laments. Golubkova’s tales about the new life for the Pechora peasants and fishermen against the background of the beautiful but cruel North are filled with optimism. Together with the writer and folklorist N. P. Leont’ev, Golubkova wrote the books Two Centuries in Half a Century (1946). Land of Deer (1947). Mother Pechora (1950), and Marishka, a novel published in 1960.


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