Golubovskii, Petr Vasilevich

Golubovskii, Petr Vasil’evich


Born June 16 (28), 1857, in Minusinsk, in present-day Krasnoiarsk Krai; died Mar. 18 (31), 1907, in Kiev. Russian historian; professor at the University of Kiev.

Golubovskii belonged to the school of V. B. Antonovich. He was the author of A History of the Seversk Land to the Middle of the 14th Century (1881) and A History of the Smolensk Land to the Beginning of the 15th Century (1895), which were written on the basis of careful analysis of the chronicles and other sources. He devoted a series of articles to the nomadic peoples of the southern steppes in The Pechenegs, Torks, and Polovtsy Before the Tatar Invasion (1894) and wrote a number of essays on historicobiblio-graphic subjects. Golubovskii’s works contain a great amount of factual material.


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