Gomes de Amorin, Francisco

Gomes de Amorin, Francisco


Born Aug. 8, 1827, in Avelomar, Minho Province; died Nov. 4, 1891, in Lisbon. Portuguese writer.

Gomes de Amorin lived in Brazil from 1837 to 1847; upon returning to his native land, he turned to literary activities. A democrat, he depicted the character of rebels in a romantic spirit in his collections Morning Songs (1858) and Fleeting Verses (1866). He was author of the comedy The Widow (1852); the social-exposé dramas Social Monsters (published 1870), Racial Hatred (1854), and White Slaves; historical romantic plays; stories of peasant life (“Fruits for Many Tastes,” 1878); stories of everyday life (“Many Words, Few Deeds,” 1878; “Two Weavers,” 1881); and novels of Brazilian life Savages (1875) and A Living Reproach (1875).


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