Goncharenko, Agapii

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Goncharenko, Agapii


(pseudonym of Andrei Onufri-evich Gumnitskii). Born Aug. 19 (31), 1832, in the village of Krivin, in present-day Tarashansk Raion, Kiev Oblast; died Apr. 23 (May 6), 1916, in New York. Ukrainian social activist; participant in the Free Russian Press. Born into a priest’s family.

Goncharenko graduated from Kiev Seminary (1853) and served as deacon in the Russian embassy church in Athens. He was sent back to Russia for denunciatory correspondence with A. I. Herzen in London. On the way to Russia he escaped to London. In 1860–61 he was the compositor for Herzen’s Free Russian Printing House, contributed an obituary of T. G. Shevchenko and other materials to The Bell, and published the Stoglav, with a foreword. In 1864 he moved to the USA, where he put out the newspaper Alaska Herald (San Francisco, 1868–72), with the Russian supplement Svoboda (Freedom), which published several poems by N. P. Ogarev. In 1873, the newspaper Svoboda came out in Russian, English, and Ukrainian. In the 1870’s Goncharenko published materials on the Russian community in the USA in The Progressive Commune. In the 1890’s he had connections with a Ukrainian radical party (M. I. Pavlik and others).


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