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(gŏnd), ethnic group of central India. The group is now found especially in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh and in neighboring areas of Maharashtra, Telangana, Odisha, Jharkhand, and Uttar Pradesh and in NE Karnataka and Assam. In Madhya Pradesh there was a small but powerful Gond kingdom until the 18th cent. The Gonds, predominantly Hindu, speak a Dravidian language and are mainly organized into tribes in small villages.


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Women from Gond's family also participate in the making of the taziya.
Marginalization has also forced many Gond youths to join the ranks of Maoist rebels, who exploit the economic and political alienation of the Gond community.
Gond says the restaurant, located in Petlawad town in Madhya Pradesh state, was full of people having breakfast when the blasts occurred, saying around 35 other people were hospitalized with injuries.
The collaborative effort of India's Gond tribal artist Bhaiju Shyam, and the two superbly talented storytellers Sirish Rao and Gita Wolf, "Flight Of The Mermaid" is a retelling of the Hans Christian Anderson fairytale story of 'The Little Mermaid'.
Fraser Black's Hond The Gond was just a spot behind Tinas Polaris on the clock last week and this Laurence Blunt-owned black can get the better of Balliniska Woods in the opening heat.
Summary: Satna (Madhya Pradesh) [India], Feb 15 (ANI): The Supreme Court on Friday stayed the execution of Mahendra Singh Gond, a school teacher who was awarded death sentence for raping a minor.
PESHAWAR -- The Pakistan Forest Institute (PFI) will hold a two-day seminar to explore the pros and cons of plantation of Eucalyptus tree-commonly known as laachi, safada, gond from February 6-7.
Meanwhile, the SSWMB report said a total of 18,879 tonnes of offal was buried in Jam Chakro landfill site, and another 10,311 tonnes were disposed of in Gond Pass site.
Trenches had been dug in Jam Chakro and Gond pas, he added.
KARACHI -- Karachi has the potential to easily build two waste-to-energy plants at its landfill sites in Jam Chakro and Gond Pass as these plants will safely consume 2,000 tons of waste out of total 12,000 tons garbage the city generates daily.
Subhash Singh Vyam is a talented artist from the Gond tribe of Central India.