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(gŏnd), ethnic group of central India. The group is now found especially in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh and in neighboring areas of Maharashtra, Telangana, Odisha, Jharkhand, and Uttar Pradesh and in NE Karnataka and Assam. In Madhya Pradesh there was a small but powerful Gond kingdom until the 18th cent. The Gonds, predominantly Hindu, speak a Dravidian language and are mainly organized into tribes in small villages.


See V. Elwin, Leaves from the Jungle; Life in a Gond Village (2d ed. 1958); S. Fuchs, The Gond and Bhumia of Eastern Mandla (2d ed. 1968).

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The peasant shared the experience with Vincent's patron, Madame de Gondi, who convinced Vincent that he should preach to the peasants on her properties.
In some sites, including Gilan, Mazandaran, and Khuzestan, Sasanian planted mulberry trees and bred silkworm [26] and due to the fact that they had the monopoly on trading silk, they embarked on fabricating looms and expanded the production of assorted types of silk and silky fabrics in Susa, Shoshtar, Gondi Shapur [30].
3) La Delivrance de Renaud, 29 January 1617, commissioned by the king, fourteen men dancers, the king, Luynes, Alexandre de Vendome, Montpouillan, La Rocheguyon, Gondi de Joigny, Liancourt, Blainville, Chalais, Humieres, Courtenvaux, La Rochefoucauld, Paluau.
Using Steever's (1993: 4) names, three distinct and coherent groups are universally recognized: 1) South: Tamil, Malayalam, Irula, Kodagu, Toda, Kota, Kannada, and Tulu; 2) South-Central: Telugu, Gondi, Konda, Kui, Kuvi, Pengo, and Manda; 3) Central: Kolami, Naiki, Parji, Ollari, and Gadaba.
Such a self-defense is "le produit de la reflexion d'un homme qui analyse, au soir de son age, ce qui a fait le sel de son existence" (Hipp, xx), exactly what Jean-Francois-Paul de Gondi, cardinal de Retz, had in mind when, prodded by friends, he started penning his Memoires: the events of his political career and his constant fight against Louis XIV.
Among other details presented here it is fascinating to imagine Alessandro Gondi gloating over the low price he paid for a beautiful Madonna from the confiscated estate of Piero de' Medici.
Far East Energy's Chairman & CEO Lal Gondi stated, "Our entire team is truly excited to see that this contract has now been given final approval by all necessary parties within the Chinese government.
Tenders are invited for Modernisation of Gondi Main canal and distributaries in Shivamogga District of Karnataka State, India.
Pinky often translates the Gondi dialect for the interrogators.
Companies Mentioned Amcor, Ball Corporation, Bemis Flexible, Convertidora Industries, Copamex, Envases Universales, Femsa Cerveza, Graham Packaging, Grief, Grupo Gondi, Grupo Zapata, International Paper, Rexam, Smurfit Kappa, Tetra Pak, Treofan, TRICOR Braun, Visipak, Vitro, Winpack
Most of the militia members who surrendered were poor and hailed from the interior villages of Rallagedda, Kappa Gondi, Mulakothuru and Gunjiveedhi of the state.