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the collective name for a number of peoples and tribes in central India (including the Maria, Muria, Bhattra, Dhakar, Dorla, and Koya) who speak dialects of the Gondi language, a member of the Dravidian language family, and the languages of the surrounding peoples (Hindi, Marathi, Telugu).

The Gonds live in the mountain and forest regions of the Chota Nagpur Plateau, mainly in the Bastar district of Madhya Pradesh. They are being gradually assimilated with the neighboring peoples. The population of the Gonds who have retained their own languages is more than 2 million (1970, estimate). Until recently, the Gonds engaged in slash-and-burn farming, hunting, and gathering. Settled farming continues to play an ever larger role in the modern economy, and crafts (metalworking, weaving) are being developed. Their religion combines the worship of both ancient Gond and Hindu gods.


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While the TRS government tried to placate the simmering discontent among the Gonds by naming Asifabad district after Kumaram Bheem, a Gond leader who had waged a struggle against the Nizam government and also set up a tribal museum.
To restore respect for Mother Nature, Anchla has established 'Jango Raitr Vidya Ketul' after the name of a local deity Jango Raitr, revered as the Goddess of language of the Gond tribe.
The roadside is dotted with tall menhirs, or what the Gonds call 'hero stones' where village elders are buried.
They are being recognized for enhancing the capacity of the Madia Gonds to adapt positively in today's India, through healing and teaching and other compassionate interventions,'' the foundation said.
Gonds, likely drunk, sung their ways home along the road a half mile distant.
Kanker (Chhattisgarh) Jan 28 ( ANI ) Shiv Singh Anchla, a retired teacher and one of the most respected villagers of Damkasa Gram Panchayat, Block Durgkondal in Kanker District in Chhattisgarh has donated five acres of land to his community of fellow Gond tribals.
The award recognises the couple's part in "enhancing the capacity of Madia Gonds to adapt positively in today's India, through healing and teaching and other compassionate interventions".
Yassine Brahim, le president d'Afek Tounes, fraichement reelu, est sorti de ses gonds et a quitte tout bonnement le plateau de l'emission "Wataniya Moubasher" .
L'ex-coach national, Rabah Saadane, est sorti de ses gonds en qualifiant de simulacre le tirage au sort.
Un tel constat a fait sortir de ses gonds la commission chargee de l'hygiene au Conseil de la ville.
Yamina Zoghlami, deputee d'Ennahdha, est sortie de ses gonds suite aux bruits croissants sur la responsabilite supposee de certains membres de son mouvement dans le depart des jeunes vers certains foyers de tension.
Oblige de faire sortir ses gonds, Mohamed El Ouafa, ministre de l'education nationale a refute ces informations, qui selon lui [beaucoup moins que] tendent a attenter a la credibilite des examens nationaux marocains[beaucoup plus grand que].