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/gonk/ 1. To prevaricate or to embellish the truth beyond any reasonable recognition. In German the term is (mythically) "gonken"; in Spanish the verb becomes "gonkar". "You're gonking me. That story you just told me is a bunch of gonk." In German, for example, "Du gonkst mir" (You're pulling my leg).

See also gonkulator.

2. (British) To grab some sleep at an odd time.

Compare gronk out.
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Not one drink was ever served in those gonk glasses and now my parents are gone, they're nestling in my kitchen, still unused.
I like to think I helped launch Gonks onto a world ready for small cuddly creatures and that particular Gonk helped me cement my relationship with the girl who was to become my wife, who appreciated the qualities of another small cuddly creature - me.
Ginger-whinger Gordie reminds me of those mad-haired gonks and trolls the girls always plonked on their desks for good luck during exams (mind you, my school was so rough we got the Kray twins' birthday off).
The film explores an unforgettable weekend in 1965 that Swedish rock sensations The Namelosers and The Gonks spent with the Rolling Stones.
Gonks, for those who don't know, were small egg-shaped hairy creatures without legs.
QUICKER than you can say "who would give those vile gonks a job?
The band were asked to play at Pingle Fields for Nuneaton Carnival, they appeared on a float bedecked with gonks (hariy troll like creatures popular in the 60s).
Back then people used to throw these soft toys called gonks on stage - and jelly babies, too.
The first thing Andrea does is pull what looks like a massive keyring full of fluffy gonks out and hold them up against my hair to try and match up the colour.
People come to the seaside together, crammed inside their cars with their suitcases, and at the end of the holiday they leave together, crammed inside their cars with their suitcases, a selection of cut-price trainers and casual wear, two dozen sticks of rock and six large furry gonks.
Instead, he told them about his love for the gonks - and chilled their blood with his complete lack of remorse for his crimes.
On the desk he arranged his collection of Gonks, the lead for his retractable pencil, his retractable pencil, the spare lead for his retractable pencil, a collection of pens and more Gonks then various other stuff.