Good Offices

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Good Offices


in international law, a means of peacefully resolving disputes between states. By good offices is meant the assistance of a state or international body in establishing contact or beginning direct negotiations between the disputing parties, with the aim of the peaceful settlement of the conflict. Good offices are in the nature of advice that is not binding on the disputing parties. A state rendering its good offices essentially takes no part in the negotiations themselves or in the examination of the dispute. Good offices are thus distinguished from mediation.

Good offices may be offered in peacetime as well as wartime. An example of the use of good offices—which has had great progressive significance for international relations—is the Soviet Union’s good offices that led to the meeting of Indian and Pakistani representatives and to the signing of the Tashkent Declaration of 1966. The basic procedures for offering good offices are set forth in the Hague Conventions of 1899 and 1907. Under the UN Charter, the UN Security Council in particular may offer its good offices to disputing parties (arts. 33, 36, and 38 of the UN Charter).


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UNITED NATIONS: UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres Tuesday renewed his good office offer aimed at resolving the decades-old Kashmir dispute between India and Pakistan, provided both sides agree.
His good offices are available if accepted by both sides, ' said Stephane Dujarric, spokesperson for the UN secretary general, while responding to a question at a media briefing.
His good offices are available if accepted by both sides,' said Stephane Dujarric, spokesperson for the UN secretary general, while responding to a question at a media briefing.
At the same time, the Secretary-General is requested to submit by 15 April 2019 a report on his good offices and progress towards a consensual starting point for substantive and result-oriented negotiations.
The phrase "exert their good offices," would later go on to implant deep mistrust about America in the minds of the Koreans.
Qaraqe urged the Arab League to use its good offices to help the prisoners in their struggle for better prison conditions.
Islamabad: Pakistan on Thursday welcomed UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's offer to help resolve the festering Kashmir dispute between Pakistan and India if the two sides accepted his good offices.
Over the years, Ban, whose tenure as UN Secretary-General ends this year, has offered his good offices to help resolve the conflict between India and Pakistan on the condition that both sides must agree to his mediation.
A press release issued by BinomarA's office in SanaA'a said that these meetings come within the framework of the good offices and intensive consultations carried out by Binomar to help find out a solution for the political crisis Yemen presently overwhelmed with and also to revive the transitional political process.
He said that the meeting has appreciated the reconciliation document and called for continuing the efforts of Rezaigat good offices committee for boosting the efforts of peaceful co-existence, meanwhile, the participants at the meeting has claimed the participation of the good office committee in the preparation for the Miseria reconciliation conference due to be held in early September in Foula town.
He also commends UNSMIL's work in the areas of good offices and facilitation of dialogue, which it carries out with impartiality and openness to all national parties concerned.
According to the UN Good Offices Mission in Cyprus, Mavroyiannis and Euzersay have followed up on the meeting of the leaders, which took place on June 2, and continued substantive negotiations on property, a federal legislature and a federal administration.