Google Maps

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Google Maps

A mapping and navigation application for desktop and mobile devices from Google. Maps provides turn-by-turn directions to a destination along with 2D and 3D satellite views, as well as public transit information. Maps also offers "Street Views," which are photos of the actual streets and surroundings. Millions of websites use Google Maps for directions to stores and offices.

Mobile Versions
First released for Android devices in 2008, the mobile version of Google Maps was soon available for other mobile platforms, including Symbian, BlackBerry and Palm. Apple's mapping app was also powered by Google Maps data (see Apple Maps).

Google Maps uses the device's GPS capability if present as well as Google's own cellular and Wi-Fi location finding services. It also uses real-time data from Waze, which Google acquired in 2013. As of mid-2018, there were five times as many Google Maps users as there were on Apple Maps and MapQuest combined. See portable GPS, Google Earth and Google.

Google Street Views
Google Maps provides spoken, turn-by-turn directions to a destination. Starting in the U.S. in 2007, Google adapted cars and even tricycles with special cameras that have photographed millions of street corners worldwide. People walking with cameras; even cameras on the backs of camels in the desert were used to capture more than 170 billion images in 87 countries. At each turn, users can swipe the screen (bottom right icon) to view a 360-degree panorama.
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The stunning views of the Rila Lakes and Belogradchik Rocks, historic monuments such as the Ancient Theater of Plovdiv and the Tsarevets Fortress, iconic buildings such as the Ivan Vazov National Theater and the Ethnographic Museum in Plovdiv are just a few of the landmarks already included in Google Maps. Walking through the sea garden of Burgas or to Cape Kaliakra is also one click away for those who want to travel online.
Google Maps now features a new navigation mode for motorcycle riders.
In addition, Google Maps will now display a new Offers section where users will be shown deals that can be claimed at restaurants across 11 Indian cities.
The feature is available to Android users in India using the latest version of Google Maps. (ANI)
The Google Maps search history can be a reliable tool to track down a person's whereabouts or routes to work, but these details should be highly private.
Currently, Google Maps has enabled 3D views of the four cities of Taipei, New Taipei, Taoyuan, and Taichung.
Screenshots of the Google Maps locations with the swastikas pinned on different locations were widely shared on social media.
"Having Taxify as part of the transit options on Google Maps makes it easy for riders, as it offers them comparisons between estimated arrival times, as well as fare options.
The report reveals new insights about how Google Maps' mapping process in the occupied Palestinian territories serves the interests of the Israeli government and contradicts Google's commitment to international human rights frameworks.
Google Maps, which features a sat nav feature for mobile phones to enable people to plot their routes, has been claiming that the A6 London Road, between the dual carriageway near Hathern and the road into Kegworth, is closed.
This brings to the fore dangers that could result from reliance on these details as millions of people rely on Google Maps.