Google Photos

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Google Photos

A photo and video sharing and storage service from Google that was spun out of the Google+ social network in 2015. Superseding Google's Picasa service, images and videos are backed up to the Google cloud and synchronized to the user's browser and Android and iOS mobile devices. A limited amount of storage is free with paid services for 100GB and 1TB.

Whenever users shoot photos on their Android phones or connect a memory card or camera to a Chromebook, images can be automatically uploaded to the cloud. They can be organized into new or different folders and automatically grouped into stories that allow narration by the user. Five or more photos taken one after the other can be viewed as an animated sequence.

Identify by Content
Photos can identify images by content. For example, one can search by a proper name, by common names such as beach, car or dog, or by choosing a thumbnail from a selection that is offered. Photos can also group images by face, and images can be edited and shared. See photo sharing site, Picasa and Google+.

People Summary
Google Photos presents the users with a summary of the people who are in their pictures, and clicking a face displays all photos with that person in it. Even faces of manikins or characters in a painting are identified.
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7 ( ANI ): Technology giant Google on Wednesday announced that Google Lens, the company's visual search engine that recognises images and scans business cards, will be rolled out to all Google Photos users on Android phones.
Google Photos algorithms did, infamously, identify black faces as gorillas in 2015.
To use this feature, access the Google Photos app and select the Assistant tab and from there the Movies option.
Photos you've uploaded on Google Photos can be as public or private as you want.
Google Photos is also making it easier to search for particular people during special events.
The new feature will automatically synchronize all files stored on users' desktop and documents folders and make all image files part of Google Photos.
Google Lens is Google's new visual search tool that will soon be available in Google Photos and Google Assistant Going beyond what Google Goggles is able to do with taking a photo and then searching it in Google Images, Google Lens is combining visual search with artificial intelligence and machine learning to create more advanced capabilities.
The first participating cloud services included Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, Google Photos, OneDrive and Box.
GOOGLE PHOTOS AUTO-SHARING, AND PRINTED BOOKS GOOGLE Photos is something of a smash hit - the company says people upload around 1.
Bradley Horowitz headed up Google Photos back in July 2015, when a new image recognition app went horribly wrong.
The malware has stolen data stored in various properties including Gmail, Google Drive and Google Photos.
It also offers free, unlimited storage with Google Photos for original quality photos and videos, so those non-stop snappers can rest assured that everything is backed up.