Google TV

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Google TV

(1) A movie download service from the Google Play store. Google TV movies can be viewed on a Web browser and mobile devices. See Google Play.

(2) Google's first attempt at an integrated Web and smart TV platform. Google TV was superseded by Android TV. Based on Android and the Chrome browser, Google TV let users surf the Web and run Android apps full screen or picture-in-picture. After its 2010 introduction, Blu-ray players and TVs incorporating Google TV slowly came to market, but it never took off.

Google TV to Chromecast to Android TV
The Google TV remote control was cumbersome for Web surfing, but a voice search was added to the remote control of the subsequent Android TV. In between the unveiling of both of these smart TV platforms, Google introduced a simple media streamer that relies on the user's mobile device for remote control (see Chromecast). See Android TV, Internet TV, smart TV and Google Fiber.

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The company did switch to WebOS but the model in question in the ransomware case, the now discontinued ( LG 50GA6400 , can be found on LG's site and is advertised as coming with Google TV.
Industry experts said that Google TV has a bright future and the only hurdle is that all the TV manufacturers need to adopt the operating system instead of the fragmented market.
YuppTV is available through multiple Internet enabled devices like PC (Mac/Windows), Samsung/LG/SONY/Panasonic Smart TVs and Smart Blu-ray players, Google TV, Boxee, Netgear, Western Digital, YuppTV Dongle, iPhone, iPad, Android Smart Phones and Tablets, Blackberry, Nokia, Windows7 Phones/tablets and many more.
Once they have created an account, they can start watching videos on multiple platforms, including web, mobile (iOS, Android), and OTT TV devices (Roku, Google TV).
Mario Queiroz, head of Google TV, said Chromecast "won't clutter your entertainment cabinet.
PlayOn is now the only way Aereo subscribers can use gaming and streaming devices, such as the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Google TV, Wii, Wii U and most other DLNA-compatible devices.
The Chromecast (named after the Chrome Web browser) essentially kills off the Google TV experiment and should give the higher-priced Apple TV box some serious competition, given its lower pricetag ($35 vs.
The package is now available for Apple's iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Apple TV (via Airplay); Google TV devices, including Vizio Co-Star, Netgear NeoTV Prime, Hisense Pulse, and LG Smart TV; and Android smartphones and tablets, including the Samsung Galaxy and Google Nexus.
However, the article reveals that LG is trying to build on its partnership with Google in order to gain a greater involvement with Google TV, the search giant's smart TV and set-top box platform for supporting apps, web content and enabling the second screen experience.
"LG is committed to providing diverse home entertainment options that offer the most satisfying user experience and the latest LG Smart TVs with Google TV do just that," said Havis Kwon, President and CEO of the LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company.
Attempting to target an interesting market segment -- those who have "cut the cord" and are viewing television exclusively via the Internet -- the Washington Post last week started a nightly 15-minute news program that is only available on Google Android devices, which include its Google TV set-top box.