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Critics contend, however, that the expansion of Google Wallet does little to make pay-by-phone more widespread.
Moovweb made the integration of Google Wallet into our mobile platform fast and simple," said Chris McCann, President, 1-800-FLOWERS.
And this is the platform blocking Google Wallet, Apple Pay, SoftCard and several other popular mobile-based payment services, according to (http://www.
The debit cards connected to the Google Wallet can be used like any normal debit card by withdrawing money from an ATM or while directly purchasing items.
Google also sought credit union participation in adding a widget to the institution's Web page that lets members easily populate Google Wallet with appropriate credit cards.
Google Wallet, a virtual wallet for payments online and at physical stores through mobile phones, is facing competition from payment processors like PayPal and mobile carriers backing alternative mobile payment systems.
Zvelo Labs researcher Joshua Rubin was featured in a video at the company's website demonstrating software that quickly figures out a Google Wallet personal identification number (PIN), provided the crook has the smartphone.
Customers in approximately 200 Toys"R"Us and Babies"R"Us stores in metro areas can also use their phone to pay for their purchases using Google Wallet.
Its new phone software, called Google Wallet, is intended to replace the credit cards in our actual wallets.
Initially only one phone model will work with Google Wallet, but according to Google, 50% of smartphones in the USA will contain a near field communication (NFC) chip, to which the app links, by 2014.
It is also using NFC, similar to Google Wallet and Android Pay that was announced at Google I/O.
Industry experts also see it as a move by Samsung to counter rival handset maker Apple's recently-launched Apple Pay mobile payments service as well as Android developer Google's Google Wallet.