Google Wave

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Google Wave

Web-based collaborative software from Google that offered group instant messaging along with document editing and history. Introduced in beta in 2009, Google shuttered the service in 2010 due to limited acceptance. Components migrated to other Google endeavors.

Each "wave" was a live conference thread viewed by all participants who could edit the content and also add other individuals. In addition, a wave could be played back from the beginning to review the conversation.

Waves, Wavelets and Embedded Waves
A wave was the entire message thread, and a "wavelet" was a subset of the wave that could be created and managed separately. An "embedded wave" was a wave that was placed on a website to provide a chat room or contact method.

Blips and Documents
A "blip" was one message in a wave, and a "document" was the content within a blip.

Gadgets and Robots
"Gadgets" and "robots" added functionality. A gadget was a mini-application, and a robot automatically triggered events. See Google+ and Google.
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That brought us to Google Wave. With co-editors being game for anything, we tried another collaborative tool, but found it lacking in many respects for our purposes.
* Google Wave robots at:
Rama and other analysts spoke of the influence Google Wave would have had on collaborative software.
Google Voice and Google Talk have done well but Google Buzz, Google Wave and Google Video didn't gain momentum.
Google Wave and Google Buzz are two new messaging and social networking tools that enable real-time conversations online.
En este orden de ideas, Labcom se planteo el ejercicio de investigacion como acto autor-reflexivo, que busca explorar las posibilidades de usar diferentes plataformas (Second Life, Twitter, Elluminate y Google Wave) como escenarios de intercambio y escritura academica.
Further, says Bond, with developments such as Google Wave (an application that merges e-mail, instant messaging, wikis, and social networking) and Google Buzz (which enhances Google's Gmail service), e-mail is poised to shift the communications landscape on the personal and business fronts.
Google Buzz Google Wave was supposed to be Google's new social collaboration tool, but it got a cold response.
Then in September, it released its Google Wave collaboration tool , pushing the company away from its phenomenally successful search roots.
The company also has, which has been banned in the UAE since 2007, and Google Wave, a cross-platform web application that has yet to see a public release.
'When it comes to attacks on web services, Google Wave looks like it will be making all the headlines in 2010.