Google applications

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Google applications

Following is a summary of popular Google applications, operating systems and services:

 Name               App, OS or Service Gmail              Web-based e-mail

  Google AdSense     Keyword advertising

  Google AdWords     Sponsored links

  Google App Engine  Cloud computing 

  G Suite            E-mail, calendar 
                     + Google Docs

  Google Books       Scanned books

  Chrome browser     Web browser

  Chrome OS          Web-based OS

  Android            Mobile OS

  Google Desktop     Desktop search

  Google Docs        Business apps

  Google Earth       3D mapping

  Google Goggles     Visual Android search

  Google Groups      Discussion groups

  Google Maps        Directions
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The Mountain View, California-based Web giant said the latest version of Google applications, or apps, for government had received US government certification under the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA).
Android gives users access to built-in Google applications, including GoogleTalk, Google, Maps and Gmail.
Customers will enjoy seamless integration with Exchange ActiveSync, quick and easy access to Flickr for sharing and viewing pictures, video, and Android Market(TM) with more than 30,000 Google applications.
Raoul adds, "This partnership will also let us give customers direct access to the best Google applications across a large part of our Signature portfolio, combining the strength of two leading brands to create and deliver the kind of content people want to find and use on their mobile.
The theoretical budget benefits from Google applications are enticing.
A detailed comparison of two most popular online collaboration tools from Google and Microsoft is given in the next section, followed by examples of ways in which Google applications are used in support of course management.
Huawei's U8230 uses the Google Chrome Internet browser which supports a variety of Google applications such as Google Map, Google Search, Google Talk etc.
That tool is designed to make it easier for BlackBerry users to access hosted Google applications like Gmail, Google Calendar and Contacts.
Panorama Analytics for Google Apps is a free web application that loads within different Google applications such as Google Docs and Google Sites(TM).
Remaining chapter topics include: configuration of internet applications, customization, windows managers, how to understand the installed software, Linux applications and distributions, Google applications, OpenSolaris, Windows live, and hardware upgrades.
What this basically means is that Microsoft will have to trim features, create a smaller operating system that is as easy to obtain and use as, for example, Linux operating systems and then equip it with lighter, toned-down appliations to compete with Google Applications.
The two companies have decided to take the collaboration one step further and, as a result, you will now be able to purchase Google Applications via Salesforce.