autonomous vehicle

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autonomous vehicle

[ȯ¦tän·ə·məs ′vē·ə·kəl]
A vehicle that is able to plan its path and to execute its plan without human intervention.
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autonomous vehicle

A car or truck that is self driving. Following are the five stages of automation for vehicles. Each stage includes all the functions of the previous ones. See self-driving car.

Stage 1 - Antilock brakes (see ABS).

Stage 2 - Warnings (low tire pressure, open doors).

Stage 3 - Safety systems. See adaptive cruise control, collision avoidance system, lane departure system, blind spot monitoring and adaptive headlights.

Stage 4 - User-initiated self driving like the autopilot in an airplane cockpit; for example, Tesla's Autopilot. We are currently at this stage in 2019. See self-driving car.

Stage 5 - Self driving. No steering wheel.
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Consider, for example, if a Google driverless car were only able to sync with an Android-operated smartphone and came with a Spotify membership.
The Google driverless car would not have a driver's seat or driving controls, for example.
Pictured (top) a Google driverless car on the roads in the USA, the Jaguar F-type (middle), just one of the successes for the Jaguar Land Rover company this year, and (above) the quirky Kia Soul proved to be a favourite
The Google driverless car, more popularly known as "self-driving car" is a project that involves developing autonomous cars.
The Google driverless car, as it's most often known, has been the subject of countless videos and news articles detailing the likelihood (or unlikelihood) of its success or even feasibility, it added.
Eight years later, Nevada licensed the Google Driverless Car to operate on state roads.
In 2012 Willetts tried out a Google driverless car on a trip to California.
Dubai: Google driverless cars might still be in the future, but you might find yourself taking a ride in a driverless vehicle in the Middle East as early as next year.
He said that the Google driverless cars had been rear-ended