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Cleavers is a weed that grows in moist or wet areas, riverbanks etc. It has prickly stems with thin leaves with usually 8 fingers. Leaves, seeds and stem have small velcro-like hook-tipped hairs. White-green flowers have 4 petals. You can consume the whole plant, usually as a tea. Tea is used to purify blood, liver, kidney, bladder. A diuretic, it is often taken to treat skin problems such as seborrhoea, eczema, psoriasis, acne, boils, sunburn and abscesses.. Contains citric acid used for cancer and tumors. Great for detoxifying. If your face is wrinkly and sagging, make a facial wash- it tightens the skin. A great body cleanser, helps lymph system drain toxins and wastes so that they can be excreted by the urinary system, making it great for lymph problems like or lymphatic problems like swollen lymph glands, breast and skin issues, even anti-tumor. Great for treating fluid retention. Helps urinary infections, urinary stones and gravel, arthritis and gout. Seeds make great coffee substitute. When dried and slightly roasted- tastes almost exactly like coffee.
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To date, goosegrass populations have evolved resistance to many kinds of herbicides, including acetolactate synthase inhibitors (Valverde et al., 1993), bipyridiliums (Buker et al., 2002), dinitroanilines (Vaughn et al., 1990), and glyphosate (Lee and Ngim, 2000; Yang et al., 2012).
To cook, we blanch the nettles and goosegrass together in a pan for a couple of minutes - which once cooked gives off the distinct smell of fresh peas - then roughly chop and set aside.
Annual bluegrass, broadleaf plantain, prostrate spurge, knotweed, goosegrass, and corn speedwell are examples of weeds that do well on compacted soils.
Graminae/Poaceae Cymbopogon citratu Lemon grass Eleusine indica (L.) Gaertn Goosegrass Imperata cylindrica Grass Zea mays L.
& Schult., East Indian crabgrass; and Eleusine indica (L.) Gaertn., Indian goosegrass).
Identify goosegrass, barnyardgrass and other broad-leaf coarse-growing grasses which are not crabgrass.
CLEAVERS, Sticky Willie or goosegrass if you prefer.
Ydach chi wedi sylwi pa mor amlwg ydi llau'r offeiriad (Galium aparine, 'cleavers' neu 'goosegrass' yn Saesneg) ym mon y clawdd erbyn hyn?
CONTROLLABLE GRASSY WEEDS OR SEDGES -- Crabgrass -- Barnyardgrass -- Poa annua (annual bluegrass) -- Nutsedge -- Goosegrass -- Foxtail -- Others: Recommendations: (herbicide, rate, date of application, etc.) 13.
Augustinegrass 1.5-3.0 TABLE 15-7 Problem Spots and Their Weeds PROBLEM WEEDS ACTION Wet Annual bluegrass, Improve drainage; nutsedge, moss, reduce irrigation ruches Compacted Annual bluegrass, Core cultivation broadleaf plantain, prostrate spurge, knotweed, goosegrass, corn speedwell Low nitrogen Clover, common Increase nitrogen speedwell, application birdsfoot trefoil, hawkweed Shady Creeping Charlie Plant shade-tolerant turf species or groundcovers Droughty Yellow woodsorrel, Increase irrigation black medic, prostrate spurge, birdsfoot trefoil, goosefoot Mowing too close Annual bluegrass, Raise mowing height chickweeds, moss, speedwells TABLE 15-8 Types of Weeds Found in Turf WEED SPECIES ANNUAL Annual bluegrass Poa annua X Crabgrass Digitaria spp.
Eleusine indica (L.) Gaertn.; Yard Grass; Indian Goosegrass; Crowfoot Grass; Roadside; gravel parking lots, along railroad track; Frequent; (* #); C = 0; BSUH l1121, 12539.