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A lazy functional language designed by Mark Jones <mpj@cs.nott.ac.uk> at the Programming Research Group, Oxford, UK in 1991. It is very similar to Haskell 1.2. It has lazy evaluation, higher order functions, pattern matching, and type classes, lambda, case, conditional and let expressions, and wild card, "as" and irrefutable patterns. It lacks modules, arrays and standard classes.

Gofer comes with an interpreter (in C), a compiler which compiles to C, documentation and examples. Unix Version 2.30 (1994-06-10) Mac_Gofer version 0.16 beta. Ported to Sun, Acorn Archimedes, IBM PC, Macintosh, Atari, Amiga.

Version 2.30 added support for contexts in datatype and member function definitions, Haskell style arrays, an external function calling mechanism for gofc, an experimental implementation of Launchbury/Peyton Jones style lazy functional state threads, an experimental implementation of "do" notation for monad comprehensions.

Latest version: HUGS.

["Introduction to Gofer 2.20", M.P. Jones.]

[The implementation of the Gofer functional programming system, Mark P. Jones, Research Report YALEU/DCS/RR-1030, Yale University, Department of Computer Science, May 1994. FTP: nebula.cs.yale.edu/pub/yale-fp/reports].


FTP Yale, FTP Glasgow, FTP Chalmers.
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