Gorbunova, Minna

Gorbunova, Minna Karlovna


Born May 21, 1840; died 1931. The first Russian woman statistician, active in the area of vocational education; writer of a populist tendency.

V. I. Lenin used materials collected by Gorbunova, along with other factual data, in his works On the So-called Market Question and The Development of Capitalism in Russia. Nevertheless, Lenin noted a statistical mistake of Gorbuno-va’s: she counted the general average wage in all industries and “leaves out of account the different numbers of women working in the different industries” (Poln. sobr. soch. 5th ed., vol. 3, p. 443, footnote), as a result of which both the average daily and the average yearly wage of the workers came out significantly higher in her calculations than they actually were.