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, ancient city of Asia Minor, in Phrygia and later Galatia, now in Turkey, 50 mi (80 km) SW of Ankara. It was the capital of Phrygia from c.1000 to 800 B.C. Excavations conducted since 1950 have revealed Hittite, Phrygian, Persian, Gallo-Grecian, and Greco-Roman remains.
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the serving stands, which are paralleled in depictions of drinking from elsewhere), goes a long way toward "rehabilitating" the Gordion furniture and placing it within a wider spectrum of ancient furniture making.
More importantly, it has to do with a Gordion Knot of the current Turkish political scene.
King Midas Talk - Visiting archaeologist Andrew Goldman will talk about "In Search of King Midas" relating new discoveries and reinterpretations based on excavations at the ancient site of Gordion (Turkey) at 6 p.
Previously, Kerkenes and Gordion excavations, Antakya Mosaic Museum and mosaic restoration in Mersin Kelenderis were supported, Ricciardone said.
Hattusa, capital of the ancient Hittite civilization, and Gordion, home of the legendary King Midas and famed for Alexander's knot cutting, are just a day trip from Ankara.
The 12-night tour is priced from pounds 715pp on a half-board basis and includes excursions to Gallipoli (Anzac Cemetery), Troy, Izmir, Pamukkale (Cotton Castle and ancient site of Hierapolis ) , Cappadocia (Goreme open-air museum), Gordion (King Midas's tomb), Bursa (Great Mosque, covered bazaar and silk market) and Istanbul.
The Canadian Aradia Ensemble, under ex-RNCM Kevin Fallon, start out on the Theatre Music of Henry Purcell, with four plays: The Gordion Knot Untied, Circe, Amphityron and Sir Barnaby Whigg.
Also present at its CeBIT booth, will be its European sales and technology partners, Alcera, Algol Europe, Alpine Energie, BMAnetworks, DANES Datennetzwerktechnik, GORDION, Innovative Datensysteme and Soapstone Networks.
Gordion seals and sealings; individuals and society.
Excavations at Qalat Jarmo, Jericho and Gordion have discovered food residues and, more importantly, beer residues.
When Young discovered and excavated what is almost certainly Midas' tomb at Gordion in 1957, he found that it held no gold but plenty of evidence of a royal and wealthy man.
In 1957, archeologist Rodney Young uncovered the 230-foot-high burial mound of King Midas at Gordion in central Turkey.