Goretskii, Maksim Ivanovich

Goretskii, Maksim Ivanovich


Born Feb. 6 (18), 1893; died Mar. 20, 1939. Byelorussian Soviet writer and literary scholar. Born in the village of Malaia Bogat’kovka, present-day Mstislavl’ Raion. Mogilev Oblast, Byelorussian SSR.

Goretskii’s work began to be published in the newspaper Nasha niva (Our Field) in 1912. He was the author of stories drawn from the daily life of Byelorussian serfs (the collection Dos’vitki, 1926), the novellas Anton (1918) and Two Souls (1919), the documentary literary memoirs In the Imperialist War (1914–19, published 1926). and the novel Vil’no Communards (1931–32, published 1963), as well as the first History of Byelorussian Literature (1920), the concise Russian-Byelorussian Dictionary (1918), and the Byelorussian-Russian Dictionary (1919; 3rd ed., 1925).


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