Goriachii Kliuch

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Goriachii Kliuch


(also Psekups), a city (until 1965, a settlement) in Apsheron Raion, Krasnodar Krai, RSFSR, 65 km south of Krasnodar. Population, 20,000 (1970). Goriachii Kliuch is located in the foothills of the Greater Caucasus, where the Psekups River (a tributary of the Kuban’) flows out from the mountains onto the plain. A balneological health resort is situated in the valley of the Psekups River, surrounded by mountains primarily covered by oak forests. Summers are very warm with average July temperatures of about 22° C, and winters are mild with average January temperatures of -1°C. Annual precipitation totals about 860 mm. The resort has hydrogen sulfide and methane hot waters (30°-56° C), which are used for baths, and colder waters (12°-30° C), which are used for drinking. The water from well number 20 (drinking) has the following composition:

Treatment is offered for diseases of the organs of motion and support and digestive organs, gynecological and skin diseases, and illnesses of the peripheral nervous system. There are sanatoriums (for adults and children), bathhouses, a resort polyclinic, and drinking pump rooms. Goriachii Kliuch has a timber combine.


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