Gorianinov, Pavel Fedorovich

Gorianinov, Pavel Fedorovich


Born 1796 in Mogilev; died Oct. 21, 1865, in St. Petersburg. Russian naturalist, primarily in botany.

Gorianinov graduated from the Academy of Medicine and Surgery in 1820 and taught there from 1825. He received the doctor of medicine degree in 1824 and became a professor in 1932. Gorianinov was one of the Russian scientific evolutionists. His world view was that of natural philosophy. The plant system that Gorianinov proposed was a part of his general system of nature, according to which it progresses from the simple to the complex and from the lower to the higher forms of life. He was the first to recognize the interrelationship between Pteridophyta, Angiospermae, and Gym-nospermae. He was the author of the first book in Russia on technical mycology, entitled Fungi, Molds, and Pollens in Medical-Poly cyclic and Other Relationships (1848).


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Rukovodstvo k prepodavaniiu mineralogii. St. Petersburg, 1835.
Zoologiia, osnovannaia na zoonomii i primenennaia k obshchei pol’ze, osobenno k meditsine .... parts 1–2. St. Petersburg, 1837.
Farmakodinamika, ili Uchenie o deistvii i upotreblenii vracheb-nykh sredstv, parts 1–2. St. Petersburg. 1850–53.


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