Gorky Polytechnic Institute

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Gorky Polytechnic Institute


(full name, A. A. Zhdanov Gorky Polytechnic Institute), one of the largest higher educational institutions of the Volga Region, located in the city of Gorky.

The A. A. Zhdanov Gorky Polytechnic Institute trains engineers for various branches of industry, transportation, and communications. Founded in 1930 as the Gorky Industrial Institute from the Gorky institutes of mechanical engineering and chemical engineering, in 1950 it was renamed a polytechnic institute. As of 1971, the institute had departments of mechanics, machine building, metallurgy, shipbuilding, electrical engineering, radio engineering, chemical engineering, and physicotechnology. It has four evening departments and two correspondence departments, a graduate school, 55 subdepartments, 198 instructional and three research laboratories, and experimental-training works. The institute library has over 700,000 volumes.

In the academic year 1970–71 the institute had over 14,000 students and approximately 900 faculty members, including 32 professors and doctors of science and 260 candidates of science and docents. The schools of scientific thought represented by Professors Ia. N. Markovich, A. V. Verkhovskii, D. V. Ageev, and A. A. Ryzhikov have won renown.

The institute publishes Trudy (from 1935 to 1950, called Trudy Gor’kovskogo industrial’nogo instituía). The institute has turned out about 29,000 professionals since it first opened.


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