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a city in Gorky Oblast, RSFSR. A landing on the left bank of the Volga, 53 km above Gorky and 14 km west of the Zavolzh’e railway station (the terminal station of the electric branch from Gorky). Gorodets is also connected with Gorky by a highway (through Zavolzh’e and along the dike of the hydroelectric plant). Population, 34,000 (1970).

In Gorodets are boatbuilding and boat repairing, woodworking, shoemaking, and sewing industries. The city is known for its artistic trades: painting and wood carving. There is a pedagogical institute and a museum of local lore.

Gorodets is one of the oldest settlements on the Volga, founded in the second half of the 12th century (some sources say 1152; others 1172). In 1239, Gorodets was burned by the armies of Batu. Alexander Nevsky died in Gorodets in 1263 while returning to Novgorod from the Golden Horde.


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She moved to Gorodets during World War II, where she taught in an orphanage.
But instead of throwing its contents away, its lost property, unused uniforms, tables, chairs and learning equipment have been sent via a lorry to an orphanage in Gorodets to help the 100 children in its care.
Vitte: Aktual'nye mysli iz proshlogo o nastoiashchem (Moscow: Gorodets, 2005).
Surkov, 47, headed the cabinet's religious affairs commission from February through June this year before being replaced by Deputy Prime Minister Olga Gorodets.
The firm has around 1,000 employees in the town of Gorodets, Russiaa[euro](tm)s Nizhniy Novgorod province, and is seen to generate sales of some EUR35m (USD42.6m) this year.
The cable system provider will produce several 10,000 cable harnesses each year for the vehicle at its Russian site in Gorodets in November 2010.