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, Ger. Görz (gûrts), city (1991 pop. 38,505), capital of Gorizia prov., Friuli–Venezia Giulia, NE Italy, on the Isonzo River and on the Slovenian border. It is an industrial, commercial, transport, and tourist center.
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, Italy.
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Gorz campaigns for a twenty-hour week: 1000 hours a year, which one might spread in various ways: 'two and a half days a week, or two weeks a month, or 5 months in a year'.
Ante la inevitabilidad del desempleo estructural masivo, que segun Gorz en los paises del Tercer Mundo puede asumir dimensiones desastrosas, se promueve una configuracion subjetiva diferente que pueda hacer frente a un cambio axiologico congruente con la crisis de toda una civilizacion.
All classified advertisements will also be posted on the Pediatric Nursing web site at no extra charge within about 1 week of receipt (copy and prepayment) and will run for approximately 2 months, For more information, contact Gerri Gorz, Marketing Coordinator, at (856) 256-2300, gorzg@ajj.
22) Andre Gorz, Historia y enajenacion, Mexico, Fondo de Cultura Economica, Coleccion Popular, numero 57, 1978, pp.
Let us take for example, the quite different positions adopted by Giddens, Castells and Carnoy to those of Offe, Beck, Gorz and Phillippe van Parijs.
To some extent, what is at issue here is a critique of the parochialism and cultural arrogance of many (western) Marxists in the post-1945 era, rather than of Marx himself: Hence Sivanandan's repeated excoriations of western radicals and Marxists--from the theoreticians of the various communist parties to Andre Gorz and the British `New Times' group for their inability to think at the level of the world system.
Rather, I have in mind something like the "sphere of individual sovereignty" of which Andre Gorz speaks--involving activities "unrelated to any economic goal which are an end in themselves: communication, giving, creating and aesthetic enjoyment .
The French writer Andre Gorz is eloquent on this subject.
The cornerstone of socialism, as well as that of several other eschatological visions (see Gorz 1985, 1989; Bahro 1984) is the replacement of production for profit by production for human use or, to put it differently, the satisfaction of human needs rather than the satisfaction of th profit motive.
Pixley surveys and criticizes the arguments of the 'post-industrialists', including Gorz and Offe, who believe that structural economic changes have made present unemployment levels irreversible.
Serge Mallet La nouvelle classe ouvriere (Paris, 1963); Alain Tourraine, The Post-Industrial Society (New York, 1971); Andre Gorz, Strategie ourvriere et neo-capitalisme (Paris, 1964).
Smart is more sympathetic to ecological, anti-productivist theorists, such as Ivan Illich or Andre Gorz, and he has clearly been influenced in a general way by the critical pessimism of Foucault.