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, Ger. Görz (gûrts), city (1991 pop. 38,505), capital of Gorizia prov., Friuli–Venezia Giulia, NE Italy, on the Isonzo River and on the Slovenian border. It is an industrial, commercial, transport, and tourist center.
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, Italy.
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Dele e esperado que disponha de qualidades de comportamento expressivas e imaginativas, do envolvimento pessoal na tarefa que lhe cabe desenvolver e completar (Gorz, 2005).
His discussion mostly consists of disagreeing with Rifkin's 1995 The End of Work and distinguishing himself from some of Gorz's positions.
Gorz, Andre 1967 Strategy for Labor: A Radical Proposal.
Gorz, al tratar este tema, no se refiere solamente a la dimension
La propuesta de Gorz implica introducir cambios estructurales clave, entre los que destaca el hecho de abolir la nocion de salario, es decir, una renta vinculada a la venta de la fuerza de trabajo en el mercado laboral, y sustituirla por el sueldo social, que implica una socializacion de la riqueza.
It is somewhat problematic that at several places the text is simply lengthy quotation or close paraphrasing from single sources, for example in chapter 1 from Heinrich Gorz's Die Molotschnaer Mennoniten.
But it was really in the 20th century, with the advent of automation and the ensuing reflections on the social impact, for good or ill, of productivity-boosting and labour-sparing technology, that an unconditional Basic Income began to be viewed as feasible, finding supporters in thinkers from Milton Friedman to Bertrand Russell to Andre Gorz.
Apesar de os modos de trabalhar condizentes com a vida liquida-moderna dificultarem a construcao dos lacos de confianca e ajuda mutua, Gorz (2005) sustenta que individuos os quais cooperam e se ajustam livremente, tendem a se superar.