Gosta Berling's Saga

Gosta Berling’s Saga

Selma Lagerlof’s story of the legendary life of an early nineteenth-century character. [Swed. Lit.: Gosta Berling’s Saga in Benét, 412]
See: Epic
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He says: "Miniyamba is the title of a very nice song performed by Coumba Gawlo, from Senegal, and Berling is the main character in the novel Gosta Berling's Saga, by Nobel Prize winner Selma Lagerlof."
Possibly this success encouraged Andree to contact the Swedish author Selma Lagerlof, who had two years earlier achieved a breakthrough with her book Gosta Berling's Saga. The author assumes that Andree was ambitious to gain success in the arena of opera music because the greatest victories were to be won on the podiums of symphonic and operatic music.