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see GöteborgGöteborg
or Gothenburg
, city (1990 pop. 574,433), capital of Göteborg och Bohus co., SW Sweden, on the Kattegat at the mouth of the Göta älv.
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, Sweden.
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(3) BIOMATCELL VINN Excellence Center of Biomaterials and Cell Therapy, Goteborg, Sweden
Rune was born in Goteborg, Sweden, son of Sara Jonsson and Widar N.
GOTEBORG, Sweden, August 24, 2012--Researchers in Sweden have determined in a new study that astrocytes control the generation of new neurons in the brain.
of Technology, Goteborg, Sweden), chemical physics deals with the quantum mechanical behavior of the elementary particles, atoms, and molecules.
21-22 May (Goteborg, Sweden): European Maritime Day: Sustainable growth from oceans, seas and coasts: Blue growth' - Information :
"It seems that people who've undergone gastric bypass surgery are eating the right food without even trying," said Torsten Olbers from Imperial College London, who performed the operations on patients in the study at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Goteborg, Sweden.
Norway and as a professor at the University of Goteborg, Sweden. She
Next year's World Transplant Games will take place in Goteborg, Sweden.
The next European Maritime Day will be in Gdansk, Poland, and probably in Goteborg, Sweden, in 2012.
Smith of the Sahlgrenska Center for Cardiovascular and Metabolic Research, Goteborg, Sweden.
Significant improvements were also observed in GI-specific anxiety on the Visceral Sensitivity Index and in several of the nine dimensions on the IBS Quality of Life Questionnaire, according to the investigators from the gastroenterology and hepatology section of the Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Goteborg, Sweden.
His 1955 novel "Teneke" was adapted into a theatrical play, which was staged for almost one year in Goteborg, Sweden, in the country where he lived for about two years in the late 1970s.