Gothic Script

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Gothic Script


(also called Gothic minuscule), handwriting in Latin script in the medieval period (12th to 15th centuries). It replaced the formerly used handwriting, Caroline minuscule. The first examples of Gothic script occurred in Italy in the tenth century and in other countries of Western and Central Europe at the end of the 11th century. The predominance of Gothic script in books began to be noted in the 12th century in Germany, France, and other countries using Latin.

Four types of Gothic script are distinguished: (1) Textura, angular script; (2) Fraktur, angular script with broken outlines: (3) Schwabacher, broken script with rounded outlines of some letters; and (4) Round Gothic, a type that is transitional between Gothic and the humanist script of the Renaissance (an imitation of Roman monumental inscriptions). In Germany, Gothic script has been used along with Antiqua, the Roman printing characters. In contemporary German publications, especially in the German Democratic Republic, the use of Gothic script is limited.


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Rotunda gothic script; square notation with F and C clefs; monophony; modes, custos, and bars are indicated.
English-speaking students and teachers, daunted by thick volumes of Gothic script, can be grateful that for issues of religion in one of the major figures of modern philosophy there is now a summary and interpretation.
Granted that it too has been available for several years -- since 1989, to be exact, when a facsimile edition thereof was published -- but precisely the fifteen-year-old's use of "deutsche Langschrift" and, on occasion, even an obsolete type of shorthand (i.e., the old German Gothic script and the "Gabelsbergersche `Redezeichenkunst'" respectively) continues to cause editorial problems.
They were accompanied by a certificate that detailed the special features and carried the owner's name in gothic script. The new "Magna Classic" .44 Magnum will follow the same practice, although only 3000 will be made (compared to approximately 5500 of the original Registry guns).
Then I'm getting Johan Cruyff's national insurance number done in Gothic script across my shoulder blades and Franz Beckenbauer's driving licence on my right buttock.
So, while Annlee made an appropriately ghostly appearance on a glow-in-the-dark poster, the gallery show's wall labels were in the same skinny gothic script of the captions in the Paris exhibition catalogue.
The fourth meaning, however, undercuts the third, since Fraktur refers to ornate Gothic script that is the opposite of plain speech and instead suggests to contemporary readers the breach, celebrated by deconstruction, between world and text.
The name appeared on the packet in black gothic script above a lurid skull.
The card, with "I Love You" printed on it, also had a handwritten quote in Gothic script from the teenage sweethearts' hero, Nirvana star Kurt Cobain .
The 94-leaf tome, bound in calf leather and written in an ancient Gothic script, was snapped up by an unidentified bidder in Swindon, Wilt-shire, and fetched pounds 4000 more than expected.
Gothic script on midnight blue fabric gives the Hooks' spacious bedroom a sumptious and very dramatic feel