Édouard Goursat

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Goursat, Édouard


Born May 21, 1858, in Langeac, department of Loire; died Nov. 25, 1936, in Paris. French mathematician. Member of the Paris Academy of Sciences (1919), professor of the University of Paris (1897), and president of the French Mathematical Society.

Goursat’s major works dealt with second-order partial differential equations as well as with the theory of analytic functions. He also developed the classification of partial differential equations based on the nature of their characteristics. He posed the problem of the integration of differential equations when the boundary conditions are prescribed along the characteristics (Goursat’s problem). His three-volume Course of Mathematical Analysis is well known (1923–25; Russian translation, 2nd edition, 1933–34).

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In particular, they include so called stochastic Goursat problem (see e.
It is well known in [20] that only the existence result can be obtained by studying the Goursat problem and the global solution cannot be constructed in a completely explicit form for the perturbed Riemann problem (1) and (2) when the 2-rarefaction wave from (0, 0) and the 1-rarefaction wave from ([x.
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The charismatic fervor spread to France, where it was led initially by Pierre Goursat and Martine Catta.
En ello se distingue de la tradicion de los textos de calculo del siglo XIX que representa STRUM (los cuales no hacen explicita esta condicion en este y otros teoremas, aunque la asumen de hecho), y se aproxima a los cursos de TANNERY, JORDAN, GOURSAT y HUMBERT, entre otros.
He also became the favorite subject of one of his friends, the caricaturist Georges Goursat.
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The same property holds for pointed Goursat (= 3-permutable) categories [3, Corollary 3.
n] already proved by Goursat [8] in 1906), we obtain, for each k [member of] N, a unique fixed point [P.