Lachlan Macquarie

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Macquarie, Lachlan

(məkwä`rē), 1761–1824, governor (1809–21) of the British colonies in Australia. Sent to replace the corrupt rule of the officers of the original convict guard, he established a sensible and humane administration, stressing public building, land reform, and fair treatment of convicts and freedmen.
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16) Evidence suggests levels of convict worker exploitation were significantly mitigated and restrained by the actions of convicts, at least until the departure of Governor Macquarie.
William Wemyss, when he arrived in Sydney in March 1821, found the monetary system of New South Wales in a confused state with `currency' (promissory notes issued by a variety of businessmen for as little as threepence), (16) stores receipts, issued by commissaries, Spanish dollars, Indian rupees, holey dollars and dumps, introduced by Governor Macquarie in 1813, and British copper coins, all of which had to be exchanged for `sterling' Commissariat Bills on the British Treasury to make overseas payments.
These include the bushranger Aaron yon Eherinstein who was originally sentenced to ten years hard labour in 1862 but was eventually exiled in 1868; Thomas Dillon who was one of the 'convict exiles' originally transported to New South Wales on the Havering in 1849 and Henry Colden Antill son of the aide-de-camp to Governor Macquarie who was exiled to New Zealand but returned 'to his family in Australia', dying in Sydney in 1913.
During the same year Governor Macquarie asked Francis Greenway to value Mr.
We know further that the proof copies were ready in 1817, because the Mitchell has the full set given by Wallis to Governor Macquarie in December 1817.
Each cottage relates primarily and directly to the garden, outbuildings and paddock behind it, so the settlements are classic hamlets, not familiar grid-pattern villages such as Governor Macquarie and Governor Darling loved to draw on sheets of paper.
These include the Colonial Secretary's Papers 1788-1825; the diaries and letters of Governor Macquarie, Reverend Hassall and Commissioner Bigge; contemporary newspaper reports (primarily the Sydney Gazette); and colonial shipping records, convict indents, birth, death and marriage records, and miscellaneous papers, diaries and other documentation pertaining to the period.
But Windsor town was the principal place of refuge, with churches and halls above the flood-level: just as Governor Macquarie had intended in 1810, the urban centre on the highest land offered succour to those who farmed on the plain below.
As late as 1815, Governor Macquarie was disappointed by the lack of fences in the Hawkesbury and Nepean districts:
The colonnaded building was originally the north wing of the General Hospital built for Governor Macquarie by a consortium of three private contractors in 1813-16.
Contractor address : Level 23, Governor Macquarie Tower, 1 Farrer Place,
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