Grün, Max von der

Grün, Max von der


Born May 25, 1926, in Bayreuth. German author (Federal Republic of Germany).

Grün was one of the founders of the Dortmund writers’ association (Group 61), the goal of which was to reflect “the world of industrial labor.” He participated in World War II and worked as a miner and engine driver in the Ruhr. The principal theme of his works is the exploitation of workers in West Germany (the collection of poems We Bear Light Through Night, 1961, and the novels People in Double Night, 1962, The Fireflies and the Flame, 1963, and Two Letters to Pospisil, 1968). Contrary to bourgeois theories of the “dying out of classes,” Grün works from the conviction that there is a class struggle in the Federal Republic of Germany.


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In Russian translation:
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