Grab Crane

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Grab Crane


a hoisting crane whose load-lifting mechanism is a clamshell-like grapple. The grab crane is widely used for loading and unloading at ports, the depots of industrial establishments, construction sites, railroad stations, and elsewhere.

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1. A machine for lifting or lowering a load and moving it horizontally, in which the hoisting mechanism is an integral part of the machine; classified by mounting, by boom configuration, and by lifting capacity.
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These loads are then transferred to outgoing ships via PHC's grab cranes. The veteran 863, meanwhile, is now operating in ships' holds where it works in conjunction with crane-mounted grabs to unload bulk cargoes of grain and animal feed.
In addition Emirates Trading Agency based in Dubai ordered four heavy duty grab cranes for each of two panamax transloading stations.
His uncle placed one of his large hands on the top of his head, held him like one of those grab cranes people try to lift out prizes with at the fair, and tilted his head, making him look up.