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a monastery in Serbia, in the Kosovo autonomous province, near the town of Priŝtina. Founded about 1315.

In the center of Gračanica monastery there is an outstanding monument of medieval Serbian architecture—the five-domed cross-vaulted Church of the Annunciation (1315–21). It is built of alternated rows of stone and brick. The church has tiers of supporting arches that converge toward the center, high cupola drums with narrow windows and little arches, and around the windows a light geometrical design made of brick, which adds to the well-proportioned and decorative grace of the church. There are murals in the church. Its western vestibule dates from the 14th century and the second half of the 16th century.


Milosevic, D. Gračanica. Belgrade, 1967.


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"The six people were preparing terrorist attacks inside and outside Kosovo, terrorist attacks against discos in Gracanica, attacks on the Orthodox church in North Mitrovica, attacks on NATO troops in Kosovo and other terrorist attacks in France and Belgium," the court said in a statement late on Wednesday.
In the area of Tuzla Canton foreign trade is predominantly in Lukavac, Gracanica and Gradacac.
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Funeral Service will be 11:00 a.m., Friday, September 21, 2018 at Diocese of New Gracanica Serbian Orthodox Monastery, 35240 N.
One way fares cost from PS34.99, and the main tourist attractions are the 15th century Imperial Mosque and Great Hammam monument, and the 14th century Gracanica monastery, a UNESCO world heritage site.
(105) 2009 ve 2010 yillarinda Iber nehrinin guneyinde Sirplarin cogunlugu olusturdugu alti belediye (Ranilug, Klokot, Strpce, Gracanica, Partes ve Novo Brdo) kurulmustur.
village mosque in Gracanica. (96) It also concluded that the crime
In 2012 a project entitled "Clean-Up of Graqanka River Bed in Lapje Sella Village of Gracanica Municipality" implemented in the framework of "EU-Beautiful Kosovo Programme" ( selllaplje-selo-village-gracanicegracanica- municipality) was performed, in order to rehabilitate the river bed.
on the construction of the 5.8 km Klopce-Donja Gracanica subsection of pan-European transport Corridor Vc (SeeNews).
At issue are Serbian allegations that Kosovo has failed to protect Serbian cultural and religious sites on its land, including four on UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites -- the Gracanica and Decani monasteries, the patriarchal complex in Pec/Peje, and the Church of the Virgin of Ljevisa.