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river, 1,702 mi (2,739 km) long, rising in the Eastern Highlands, NE New South Wales and SE Queensland, Australia, and flowing SW across New South Wales into the MurrayMurray,
principal and second-longest river of Australia, 1,609 mi (2,589 km) long, rising in the Australian Alps, SE New South Wales, and flowing westward to form the New South Wales–Victoria boundary.
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 River at Wentworth. It is the longest river in Australia. Although it receives numerous tributaries in its upper course, the Darling has dried up on several occasions. The river is used extensively for irrigation, and the combined Murray-Darling basin supports more than 40% of Australia's agriculture. It was explored in 1828 by Charles Sturt, an English explorer.


Grace. 1815--42, English national heroine, famous for her rescue (1838) of some shipwrecked sailors with her father, a lighthouse keeper
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The product, produced by multiaward-winning Doddington Dairy in Northumberland, carries the name of Grace Darling, who helped rescue survivors of a shipwreck off the county's coast in the 19th century.
Closer to home, a remarkable heroine was Grace Darling of Bamburgh, Northumberland, whose father William became keeper of the Longstone lighthouse on the Farne Islands.
AN exhibition to mark the 500th anniversary of the Trinity House organisation is to be staged at the Grace Darling Museum.
Mr Clayton said: "We hope to keep the Grace Darling name in some form, but cannot duplicate the current name, as we cannot have two boats in the fleet with the same name, and our current boat is likely to go into the reserve fleet for a few years, before being sold out of service.
Grace Darling was 22 when she risked her life in an open boat to help the survivors of the wrecked SS Forfarshire on September 7, 1838.
WHEN you mention the name Grace Darling, most people will know at least some of her story.
Grace Darling gained fame in 1838 when she rowed with her father, a lighthouse keeper, to rescue survivors from a shipwreck off the Northumberland coast.
Welsh helmsman Aileen, 41, follows in the tradition of legendary heroine Grace Darling.
Grace Darling, the 23year-old daughter of the island's lightouse keeper William, helped her father row a mile through huge waves to the stricken ship.
Sessions are progressing at Sea-Saint for the New Birth Brass Band, gospel singer Raymond Myles, singer Larry Hamilton and saxophonist-singer Grace Darling.
After getting authorisation from Humber Coastguard, Seahouses' All Weather Lifeboat Grace Darling was launched.
The All Weather Lifeboat at Seahouses is named after the Victorian heroine Grace Darling.

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