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Gracenote MusicID

A family of music database services from Gracenote, Emeryville, CA (, the leading media identification company. In the mid-1990s, Gracenote, formerly CDDB, Inc., created the first online music database of missing album and artist information for music CDs (see CDDB). Gracenote databases hold information on more than 100 million audio tracks and a million videos. Following are Gracenote's identification services for music and video.

MusicID CD (Search by Table of Contents)
The original service, formerly known as CD Database (CDDB), that started the company, MusicID CD is used to identify music discs by their table of contents (track numbers and lengths). See music CD identification.

MusicID File (Search by File Fingerprint)
A digital audio file tagging service that computes an acoustic fingerprint for MP3 and other audio files and matches it against a fingerprint database. See music file identification.

MusicID Stream (Search by Audio Fingerprint)
Similar in concept to MusicID File, this service computes a more robust acoustic fingerprint in order to identify a song by listening to a sample anywhere in the middle. When used in cellphones, this falls under Gracenote's Mobile MusicID brand.

VideoID DVD, VideoID Blu-Ray, VideoID File
The video counterparts to the audio services for obtaining meta-data about a disc or TV episode. Like music CDs, table of contents data are used to identify DVD and Blu-ray discs, and a video fingerprint is used to identify video files. See video fingerprint and music search.
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The optional D2Guide can run on the D2Mux platform to provide dynamic PSIP data insertion from services like Titan TV and Gracenote (TMS) or from a spreadsheet with programming for the next several weeks.
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Both cases are supported by the Expected Goals model used by Gracenote Sports that suggests Swansea 'should' have four more points than they do - and be sat 16th in the table.
The opening acts, meanwhile, include Banda ni Kleggy, Gracenote, Suicidal Genius and The Chongkeys.
To provide their clients with deeper analytics on consumer behaviour and insights into audience engagement from discovery to consumption, Nielsen earlier this year completed the acquisition of Gracenote, a US-based media and entertainment metadata provider.
Net proceeds will be applied by the company for general corporate purposes such as capital expenditures, working capital and redemption or repayment of debt and if applicable, to partly finance the purchase price for its acquisition of Gracenote from Tribune Media Company.
Among the investors are seasoned angel investors Atul Phadnis, founder of Whats ON India (now a Gracenote US-owned company), Chandresh Ruparel (managing director, Rothschild India), Suresh Balakrishnan (joint managing director, STULZ CHSPL India) and German MNC STULZ-CHSPL, Indian subsidiary of STULZ Group from Germany.
The digital and data unit, which includes the Gracenote business the company acquired from Sony for $170 million in 2014, collects and distributes content and data to music and online video services, cable companies and consumer devices.
Multi-room video streaming is also available within the plato system as is 2TB of hard drive to store you all audio and video recordings and archives, Gracenote look up for all audio recording delivers artwork and track data, saving you time and money.
The company's portfolio of clients includes eBay, Ralph Lauren, Angie's List, Gracenote, Mayo Clinic, USAA, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Marriott and Formica among others.