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(1) In biology, a type of evolutionary process similar to progress. The term was proposed in 1866 by the American paleontologist A. Hyatt to designate the initial stage in the development of large taxonomic groups in the organic world. Characteristic of this stage are the origination of a new type of organization and the flourishing of the group. In 1947 the Austrian biologist B. Rensch used the term “anagenesis” to designate the appearance of new organs and the improvement of structural types in the course of the evolution of large groups of organisms. He contrasted anagenesis with the process of the ramification of the phylogenetic trunk on one level. Anagenesis is characterized by a complexification of organs, by the improvement of their functioning, and by the autonomization of development. Thus, anagenesis is close to aromorphosis.

(2) The process of the regeneration of tissues. (The term is rarely used.)


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According to the analysis of CCID Consulting, the gradual evolution is the gradual procession in market expansion and cooperation from near to far, from easy to difficult and from macro to micro during the internationalization of the operator.
Dean Chang, Actiontec's president and CEO, said, "This agreement with Verizon marks an important step in the gradual evolution of the DSL fulfillment model toward the retail channel.
These critics of the gradual evolution view charge that writing did not revolutionize the way people think; rather, it provided a powerful new way to transmit previously existing ideas and removed the necessity of memorizing huge chunks-of knowledge.
A moderate, total health management approach will prevail: Consumers will continue their gradual evolution towards a more balanced, healthy diet.
With a gradual evolution from PDM, greater functionality is being built into PLM solutions that are capable of providing significant benefits.
sapiens, indicating a long, gradual evolution toward modern humans in that part of the world.
The migration toward IMS will be a gradual evolution where service providers initially deploy overlay networks to test new services and the workings of the new architecture.
Strategically, this contract will enable Motorola to support Maxis in its smooth and gradual evolution to EDGE/3G networks, where Maxis' customers will be able to enjoy high-speed, converged and seamless wireless services.
Since then, the ring system has been in a continuing state of gradual evolution.
The sheer complexity of the protocols due to the gradual evolution to 3G and the greater need for data-focused protocol analyzers and monitoring systems are likely to compel operators and equipment providers to buy 3G-specific protocol analyzers," comments Cavazos.
Adaptability: Contivo VMS enables a gradual evolution of enterprise applications from their current state to future states.
The gradual evolution of e-health organizations is stimulating the implementation of the underlying technology related to e-business such as the enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions.