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(1) In biology, a type of evolutionary process similar to progress. The term was proposed in 1866 by the American paleontologist A. Hyatt to designate the initial stage in the development of large taxonomic groups in the organic world. Characteristic of this stage are the origination of a new type of organization and the flourishing of the group. In 1947 the Austrian biologist B. Rensch used the term “anagenesis” to designate the appearance of new organs and the improvement of structural types in the course of the evolution of large groups of organisms. He contrasted anagenesis with the process of the ramification of the phylogenetic trunk on one level. Anagenesis is characterized by a complexification of organs, by the improvement of their functioning, and by the autonomization of development. Thus, anagenesis is close to aromorphosis.

(2) The process of the regeneration of tissues. (The term is rarely used.)


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We believe there will be a gradual evolution over the next 18 to 36 months.
The development, however, is likely to be a gradual evolution due to the relatively smaller size of the Shari'a compliant asset management industry.
This simultaneous burst of life, with few or no precursors, had seemed at odds with Darwin's idea of gradual evolution through natural selection," said Mike Lee from the University of Adelaide.
I think there has been a gradual evolution throughout the course of his career.
Although it has been "a gradual evolution," OTP and its effect on the total tobacco category have been consistent, Bishop noted.
Most agree there should be changes to ensure better job opportunities for all Bahrainis and greater devolution of power and authority, a more powerful legislature and, if that works well, maybe the gradual evolution to a fully elected government.
It is part of the gradual evolution that has taken place in the squad since the woeful 2010 World Cup campaign in South Africa.
It's a gradual evolution happening in the telecom space, and India needs all these technologies and spectrum frequencies to cater to the different sections of customers across the country.
Toyota's gradual evolution of the Prius hybrid has grown its appeal beyond environmentalists, congestion charge dodgers and publicity-hungry celebrities.
The evolution of the CMIO role has been a fascinating one, marked by the gradual evolution of "lone-wolf' IT advocates to senior leaders in their organizations.
But this is a gradual evolution which will continue all the way up to the end of 2014, it is not a sudden change," he explained.