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Graf Spee,

German battleship: see Spee, Maximilian, Graf vonSpee, Maximilian, Graf von
, 1861–1914, German admiral. At the start of World War I he commanded a squadron in East Asia. In Nov., 1914, he met and defeated the English commander Admiral Cradock off Coronel; however, he was defeated by Sir Frederick Sturdee near the
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It couldn't catch the German battleships Graf Spee (29 kts), the Scharnhorst (31 kts), or the Bismarck (30 kts).
On October 5, the Newton Beech was stopped south east of Ascension Island by the infamous pocket battleship Graf Spee. Two days later the Newton Beech was sunk by the raider's guns - one of nine British ships sunk by the Graf Spee during a twomonth period.
1939: The German battleship Admiral Graf Spee was scuttled off Montevideo, Uruguay, after the Battle of the River Plate.
German battleship the Graf Spee is awaiting instructions in the South Atlantic just 10 days before the start of the Second World War.
13, 1939, the German cruiser Admiral Graf Spee arrived damaged at the Montevideo port, in Uruguay, near the Buenos Aires port.
The Admiral Graf Spee was one several pocket battleships built by the Germans in the years before the war.
Its protagonists were the captains of the battleships Bismarck and Scharnhorst and Graf Spee, those doomed commanders of what our father called "Odin's fleet," but what was in fact the naval arm of the Third Reich.
In which harbour was the German battleship Graf Spee trapped in 1939 by Royal Navy warships before being scuttled?
The engagement was triggered after three Royal Navy cruisers HMS Exeter, Achilles and Ajax, crewed by British and New Zealand sailors, began hunting the much larger pocket battleship the Admiral Graf Spee, after the German surface raider had successfully destroyed several Allied merchant ships.
THE BATTLE OF THE RIVER PLATE More4, 11.05am British naval forces pursue German battleship the Admiral Graf Spee, finally blockading the vessel in Montevideo harbour, where its commanding officer is faced with an impossible choice.
Its snout, eyes and back cut the swell in effigy of the Graf Spee, and just as deadly.
Ferdinand Graf Spee (1855-1937), Prosector at the Anatomy Institute of Krel.