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Graphical Input Language.

A flow chart language entered on a graphics tablet. The graphical follow-on to JOSS.

["The GRAIL Language and Operations", T.O. Ellis et al, RM-6001-ARPA, RAND, Sept 1969].
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its pursuit is central theme of some Arthurian romances. [Br. Lit.: Le Morte d’Arthur]
See: Quest
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Tam Fry, of the National Obesity Forum, said the drug is potentially the "holy grail" of weight-loss medicine.
The first Vintage Grail in Manila Private House at the end of February was followed by Lanai in March and the Aston Martin showroom by June.
The Vintage Grail catalogue has a vintage Rolex for just P70,000.
The Groovy Grails experience was well attended and featured an impressive list of technocrats including Shrikant Vashista, Director Engineer at Global Logic, Ganesh Gembali,Core member of JSChannel, Manoj Mohan, Senior Software Engineer at IntelliGrape Software amongst others.
In this session he addressed on how to build a production ready web app in about 30 minutes, wherein, participating architects and developers observed how easy and quickly Grails allows them to convert an idea into a running application.
Thomas Malory wrote some great grail stories in the 15th century and later, the Victorians were fascinated with stories of knights with round tables and a taste for hunting down grails, in between fighting over girls and having competitions for the best hair and shiniest armour.
"I take issue with the idea that softness and absorbency are 'holy grails' for the tissue industry.
A 'scruffy' Welsh wooden cup's claim to be The Holy Grail will be dismissed by historians in a forthcoming documentary.
Michael Cassutt's story "Perpetual Light," published in an anthology of Grail fantasy, both invites and thwarts comparison with Eliade's model.
Barber divides his Grail quest into three parts, each surveying what he sees as a major stage in the development of the legend.