Grain Coast

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Grain Coast,

W Africa, former name of a part of the Atlantic coast that is roughly identical with the coast of modern Liberia. In the 15th cent. "grains of paradise," i.e., seeds of the melegueta pepper, became a major export item; hence the name Grain Coast.

Grain Coast


a section of the littoral of Liberia, between capes Mesurado and Palmas. The coast is low, flat, and of a lagoonal type. Equatorial rain forests and mangrove thickets are the predominant forms of vegetation. The Grain Coast acquired its name from its trade in Malaguetta pepper—”grains of paradise.”

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Her husband, Bishop Nelson, is founder and presiding prelate of Grain Coast Ministries Inc.
She invited anyone interested in learning more to contact Grain Coast Educational Foundation at (508) 882-3744 or email mnelson@graincoastministries.
Portugal's king, Alfonso V, established a monopoly over the Grain Coast trade of pre-Liberia in 1460, as clarified in the 1494 Treaty of Tordesillas signed by Portugal and Spain.