Grain Thrower

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Grain Thrower


a machine for loading granaries, for shaping and scooping bales of grain on the threshing floor and in granaries, and for moving and loading grain. The ZM-30 grain thrower (see Figure 1) used in the USSR consists of a

Figure 1. grain thrower: (1) frame, (2) conveyor, (3) throwing belt, (4) feeder

conveyor and feeder, a throwing belt, lifting and propulsion mechanisms, and an electrical drive. The feeder feeds grain to the conveyor, which pours it onto the belt, and the belt throws the grain through a guiding chute. With wheat, the grain thrower has a productivity of 30 tons per hr; the maximum throwing range is 10 m; the throwing height is 10 m; and the required power is 7 kilowatts.

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The terminal is intended for bulked storage (by grain thrower) in 20 feet containers.