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see record playerrecord player
or phonograph,
device for reproducing sound that has been recorded as a spiral, undulating groove on a disk. This disk is known as a phonograph record, or simply a record (see sound recording).
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a household device for the reproduction of sound from a phonograph record. A phonograph differs in principle from a gramophone; it converts the mechanical vibrations of the needle in the sound pickup to electrical oscillations, which are then amplified by an audio-frequency amplifier and converted to sound by an electroacoustic system, which includes one or more electrodynamic loudspeakers.

Phonographs are designed to reproduce monophonic, stereophonic, or quadraphonic disk recordings. The sound quality and the convenience of use depend on the phonograph’s rating. For example, phonographs manufactured in the USSR according to the All-Union State Standard, which establishes the basic technical specifications (for example, range of frequencies reproduced and nonlinear distortion factor), are rated as superior, first class, second class, or third class. Modern superior-rated phonographs produce sound of such quality that the listener is completely unaware of noise and the various distortions that occur in the course of reproduction of disk recordings; such phonographs are the most convenient to use.


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(engineering acoustics)
An instrument for recording or reproducing acoustical signals, such as voice or music, by transmission of vibrations from or to a stylus that is in contact with a groove in a rotating disk.


1. an early form of gramophone capable of recording and reproducing sound on wax cylinders
2. US and Canadian a device for reproducing the sounds stored on a record: now usually applied to the nearly obsolete type that uses a clockwork motor and acoustic horn


An earlier term for an analog recording and playback device. See phonograph record, turntable and LP.
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