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abbr. g, unit of massmass,
in physics, the quantity of matter in a body regardless of its volume or of any forces acting on it. The term should not be confused with weight, which is the measure of the force of gravity (see gravitation) acting on a body.
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 equal to 0.001 kilogramkilogram,
abbr. kg, fundamental unit of mass in the metric system, defined as the mass of the International Prototype Kilogram, a platinum-iridium cylinder kept at Sèvres, France, near Paris.
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, the basic unit of mass in the metric systemmetric system,
system of weights and measures planned in France and adopted there in 1799; it has since been adopted by most of the technologically developed countries of the world.
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. The gram is the unit of mass in the cgs systemcgs system,
system of units of measurement based on the metric system and having the centimeter of length, the gram of mass, and the second of time as its fundamental units. Other cgs units are the dyne of force and the erg of work or energy.
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. It is approximately equal to 0.035 avoirdupois ounce, or 0.0022 pound; a 1-pound mass equals about 453.6 grams.


A unit of mass equal to one thousandth of a kilogram.


The unit of mass in the centimeter-gram-second system of units, equal to 0.001 kilogram. Abbreviated g; gm.


belonged to Sigmund; broken by Odin. [Norse Lit.: Volsung Saga]
See: Sword


a metric unit of mass equal to one thousandth of a kilogram. It is equivalent to 15.432 grains or 0.002 205 pounds.


1. any of several leguminous plants, such as the beans Phaseolus mungo (black gram or urd) and P. aureus (green gram), whose seeds are used as food in India
2. the seed of any of these plants


An extension of BNF used by the SIS compiler generator.

["SIS - Semantics Implementation System", P.D. Mosses, TR DAIMI MD-30, Aarhus U, Denmark].
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