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, Fr. Grammont, commune (1991 pop. 30,280), East Flanders prov., W central Belgium, on the Dender River. Manufactures include textiles, watches, and chemicals. The 15th-century Gothic town hall is noteworthy.
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, Belgium.
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le Comte de Guiche had had, as the companion of his boyhood, this De Manicamp, a poor gentleman, vassal-born, of the house of Grammont.
Contract notice: Commits A Department Open Call For Tenders Pursuant To Articles 33 And 77 From 57 To 59 Of The Public Contracts Code, To The Award Of A Multi-Technical Maintenance Market Pole Cultural Grammont Rouen.
Neer award 2005: The Grammont reverse shoulder prosthesis: results in cuff tear arthritis, fracture sequelae and revision arthroplasty.
Gessila Neves, 28, of 35 Grammont Road, Worcester, charged with driving without a license, dismissed, $25 costs; and vehicle equipment violation, found not responsible.
54) Henri IV to the comtesse de Grammont, 16 January [n.
Contract notice: The department hires an open call for tenders pursuant to articles 33, 77 and 57-59 of the code of public contracts, to the award of a multi-technical maintenance market grammont cultural center of rouen.
Among the list of debtors, we find the names of the Duchesse de Brancas, the Duc de Chaulnes, Crozat de Thiers, the Duc de Bouillon, the Fermier General Dange, the Duc de Grammont, the Englishman Samuel Hayes and the Marquis de Villette--all future clients of Pierre Remy.
Aubin's essay is followed ironically by a statement from Jean-Louis Bacque Grammont on realities of "feudalism" in the sixteenth-century Ottoman state.
Justina Setaro, 31, of 25 Grammont Road, Worcester, charged with larceny over $250 by a single scheme, uttering a false check, and receiving stolen property under $250, continued to Feb.