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Our greatest accomplishment after the Grand Forks tragedy," Witt said, "was being able to work with the state and surrounding cities in putting together a buy-out relocation program to make sure that the people in these areas would not have face devastation like that again.
Immediately following Hoevens remarks, forum participants toured the Grand Sky Technology Park and heard from officials from Grand Sky, Grand Forks and the Air Force about how the Grand Forks community and the base are working together to advance UAS development in the region.
In meeting with him during the nomination process, I stressed the importance of supporting long-term infrastructure investments that will make our bases in Minot and Grand Forks more efficient and enable our airmen and women to better perform their duties.
Aside from separate commercials and weekday newscasts targeting Grand Forks viewers, WDAZ is nearly identical to WDAY.
It is a development executed in partnership with Grand Forks County, N.
Grand Forks is familiar with 2C-I after an 18-year-old from the city, Christian Bjerk, overdosed on the drug and died on a sidewalk, according to (http://blogs.
The company is currently recruiting candidates for customer service jobs at the Grand Forks centre.
Make your check payable to Sandy Dobmeier Testimonial, and mail it to Jim & Carol Groven, 2114 Summerset Court, Grand Forks, N.
For future networking events in the Grand Forks area, please contact Carol Robins: crobbins@altru.
In spring 1997, the river's northern destination played a major role in a devastating flood that nearly brought the sister cities of Grand Forks, N.
Address: City of Grand Forks, Office of the Mayor, 255
Local North Dakota newspaper the Grand Forks Herald recently reported that a state House of Representatives committee amended last week a bill to add a two-year, 0.