Grand Forks

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Grand Forks,

city (1990 pop. 49,425), seat of Grand Forks co., E N.Dak., at the confluence of the Red and the Red Lake rivers; inc. 1881. In a spring wheat, livestock, and farm area, the city has grain elevators, state-operated flour mills, and plants that process and distribute meat, dairy products, sugar beets, and potatoes. The area was settled by French fur traders who camped at the river junction and called their campsite La Grandes Fourches [Fr.,=the grand forks]. Grand Forks became an important stop on the Great Northern Railway (now part of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe). In 1928 the line built huge switching and storage yards there. The city was severely damaged by flooding in 1997. The Univ. of North Dakota is there, as is a U.S. Bureau of Mines lignite research laboratory and a meteorological station. Nearby is the Grand Forks Air Force Base.
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The switch to single-stream processing will mean the end of any sorting done by Waste Management in the Grand Forks region, as all recyclables will be shipped "as is" to the 118,000-square-foot Minneapolis MRF for automated sorting.
McDonald's heiress Joan Kroc gave $15 million, which was dispersed in $2000 increments to all Grand Forks area residents affected by the disaster.
She stated that the press should go to the people in need and not herself,'' said Lynn Stauss, mayor of East Grand Forks.
We are pleased to be investing further in our Grand Forks customer service center, creating hundreds of additional jobs in the community," said Pete Boudreaux, senior site leader, Amazon Customer Service.
Founded in Grand Forks in 1948, Acme Tools has more than 65 years of industry experience and today is a multi-channel, premier retailer of tools and equipment with some of the largest showrooms in the country.
This project was made possible with the assistance of funding from a loan granted earlier this year by the Grand Forks Economic Development, Growth Fund Committee.
In addition to its overseas commitments, Grand Forks has a stateside area of responsibility that includes most Midwestern states such as Kansas, Missouri and Illinois, but can extend down south and to both coasts.
Grand Forks Mayor Pat Owens called the donation a gift from heaven.
Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) with a 2010 Seven Wonders of Engineering award for its design and construction support of the Grand Forks/East Grand Forks Flood Protection Project.
It is going to be on an honor system," said Grand Forks Mayor Patricia Owens.
As the waters of the Red River, which had turned this region into an inland sea nearly one-quarter the size of Lake Superior, receded further Sunday, thousands of residents allowed back into Grand Forks faced similar Hitchcock moments: Opening their front doors.
Nielsen of the Department of Agriculture's Grand Forks (N.